Thursday Group Shirt Order Form

Guys,  although we don't know the 'Wolbers Cup' teams as of yet, The tentative dates are Nov 30th, Dec 1st, and Dec 7th. Chauncey tells me that there will be 8 guys per team. Team Captains are Dan and Harry. The shirt colors are Blue and Red.  Please, submit a form of intent to purchase a Wolbers Cup style shirt choosing the team color option. The sooner I get to the minimum quantity and the exact sizes needed,  the sooner I can place an accurate order. Also, you don't have to pay me until your shirts are done and delivered to you. I need a total of 20 shirts of any combo (Wolbers Cup or Chauncey Crew) to keep the prices as quoted. I am sure that we will get there with the option added for Cool Chauncey's crew shirts for every week wear.



    Chauncey CrewWolbers Cup


    Your Team Color WolbersGreen/White CrewRed/White CrewBlack/White CrewMaroon/White Crew