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I represent kids charged with crimes in juvenile court. The crimes range from trespassing to home invasion and rape with everything in between. I love being an advocate for kids. While many of the laws are the same as adult court, there is one major distinction: kids are different. They are still developing physically, mentally and emotionally. They have less power to influence their surroundings. They are more susceptible to peer pressure and negative influences. I strive to be the person who can connect with them, defend them and ensure that they are treated fairly.

Have your child represented by someone who knows the juvenile criminal court system well, and will always fight to have them treated fairly.

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Conversations about school safety in recent years have focused on the need to prevent and respond to school-based shootings. But the responses to these shootings often default to policies that make schools more hostile and less safe for many students.

A single justice of the Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that a BMC judge erred when he refused to accept entry of a nolle prosequi in a case involving a Straight Pride Parade counter-protester. Read more:

Voices of Reentry, written by Nomi Sofer, is a series of profiles of people making good on second chances after they return from incarceration. Articles in the series tell individual stories to highlight the impact of programs. Read here:

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